Circulating Oils/R&O Oils Products

Mineral oil-based lubricants for turbines, bearings, light-duty hydraulic systems, and compressors.

Accurate R&O Oil ISO 32

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Accurate R&O Oil 32 provides high thermal and chemical stability, and excellent water separability. It won’t emulsify under most operating conditions, and provides excellent protection from corrosion, rust and mechanical wear.

Accurate R&O Circulating Oil ISO 100

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Accurate R&O Circulating Oil 100 is a high performing, heavy duty lubricant with an elevated viscosity index that produces highly uniform film thickness over a wide temperature range. It also contributes to just minor losses of power during warm-up. R&O Oil 100 allows soft metals to resist corrosion at elevated temperatures. Air release properties let entrained air separate, guarding against pump cavitation.

Accurate R&O Medium Oil ISO 46

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Accurate R&O Medium Oil 46 has a high viscosity index for very uniform film thickness and only minor power losses during warm up. This heavy service oil was engineered for continuing reuse within lubrication systems that serve bearings and gears. It provides outstanding protection from thermal degradation, oxidation and rusting, and resists soft metal corrosion in high temperature environments. It is ideal for circulation systems that use pumps and auxiliary equipment.

Accurate R&O Oil ISO 68

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Accurate R&O Oil 68 is a heavy duty circulating oil that’s highly recommended as a multi-purpose purpose system lubricant. Advanced additive package provides exceptional thermal and chemical stability, and efficient separability in the reservoir from both contaminants and water. It provides excellent protection from corrosion, rust and wear.

Accurate R&O Oil ISO 150

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Accurate R&O Oil 150 heavy duty circulating oil has a unique additive package providing exceptional protection from thermal degradation, oxidation, rust, and wear. Also ideal for protecting soft metals from corrosion in high temperature conditions. It is formulated for high demulsibility to allow contaminants and water to readily separate from the product in the reservoir.

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