Customer Programs

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Quarterly Testing Program

Stop waiting for machines to fail due to contaminated lubricant or other problems. With Accurate Lubricants' quarterly testing program, our lubricant professionals visit your facility every quarter. They take samples from your machines and analyze them to determine if they are still suitable for continued use, need filtering or replacement.


Never-Run-Dry Stocking Program

Never run out of lubricant and fluids again. With our stocking program, Accurate Lubricants monitors and manages consigned inventory on your site. We ensure you have enough lubricants on hand to continue work and lessen downtime. You only pay for what you use.


Never-Run-Dry Remote Tank Monitoring Software and Service

Know when you're low on oil and need replenishment before you're empty with our tank monitoring equipment and software. A small monitor is mounted to the inside of the tank. When the tank gets low you'll receive an alert to order more. You can also set up automatic replenishment; we'll deliver lubricant automatically, so you never run out.