Lubricant Testing and Troubleshooting

Lubricant testing and troubleshooting is available in Accurate Lubricants in-house lab for tristate companies (Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky) that use metalworking fluids, hydraulic oils, cutting oils, bearing lubricants, greases, and more than 300 other fluids that are critical to manufacturing and metalworking.

What We Do For You

Compare lubricants and recommend the best one for you.

As machines have become more complex, so have the manufacturing fluids used in them. Our lab technicians can help you determine the best fluids for your machine based on the environment it operates in and your budget. In some cases, we actually simulate operating conditions to make sure you get the best performing lubricant and fluids for your shop at a total cost of ownership that fits your budget.

Determine if new products meet your exacting standards.

Accurate Lubricant's lab can qualify potential new products to ensure they meet your production standards or our own demanding requirements.

Test lubricant and fluid products and their components.

We can help you find the cause of a fluid issue with our lubricant testing, which includes testing for viscosity, concentration, water content, pH, contaminants, additives levels, and more.

Quantify component wear

Our services also include Spectrographic Oil Analysis, Particle Count, Particle Quantification, ferrography and other techniques to identify component wear.

Help you interpret data, forecast trends and plan predictive maintenance

Our goal is to help you eradicate unscheduled downtime by flagging trends before they become emergencies.

Tested by Our Experts

All of our lab technicians are highly trained. They must demonstrate a basic knowledge of fluid chemistry, machining processes, metallurgy, tooling filtration and waste treatment.

Accurate Lubricants also participates in the American Society of Testing and Materials Proficiency Test Program for turbine oils, providing third-party affirmation of our internal testing resources.