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We Aren’t Worried About Tool Life

Selling coolant for machine tools usually sparks a debate.  A common question is: “We aren’t worried about tool life, why should we use a high quality coolant?”  Accurate Lubricants and Metal Working Fluids have some knowledge to pass along here.  Tool life may not be important but the quality of your coolant is.

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Monitoring and Controlling Coolant Concentration is a Primary Defense:

The life blood of any machining operation is its coolant / lubrication system. The coolant/ lubricant mixture that feeds the machining operation is stored in a sump, or reservoir, from which the lubricant is drawn. Groups of machines may be configured to draw lubricant from a central sump or system.

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Quality Oil Can Last 20 Years. Why Isn't Yours?

Most maintenance professionals look at oil analysis simply as a tool to help extend the life of the oil. However if used properly, oil analysis can help companies keep equipment running thereby reducing interruptions by signaling when preventative maintenance is needed.

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The Changing Attitude Toward Basic Maintenance

In my 15 years of providing manufacturers with the latest lubricants and industrial cleaners, one thing has always been consistent, the customer usually wanted whatever was the cheapest product to get the job done.

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