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Light, medium, or heavy duty cutting oils for every type of metalworking application.

Accurate Cutting Oil 1000

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Accurate Cutting Oil 1000 extra high performance neat cutting oil is chlorine-free and well-suited to challenging cutting tasks and steels that are difficult to machine. This advanced cutting oil produces an excellent finish while lengthening tool life and preventing excess edge build-up.

Accurate Cutting Oil 15

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Accurate Cutting Oil 15 is a high-performing lubricant for light and medium duty cutting of ferrous and nonferrous material. This chlorine-free, non-corrosive cutting oil is also non-staining. It’s a solid performer for machine tool lubrication that’s low foaming and low misting for a best-possible workplace environment.

Accurate Cutting Oil 1800

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Accurate Cutting Oil 1800 extra performance neat cutting oil is highly recommended for severe cutting jobs with close tolerances. It is highly recommended for steels that are difficult to machine. 1800 produces a superior surface finish, while extending tool life and limiting the built-up edge effect. Chlorine-free formula simplifies disposal.

Accurate Cutting Oil 32

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Accurate Cutting Oil 32 is an ideal machine tool lubricant that’s also a popular choice for lighter duty hydraulic systems. It is suitable to a broad range of light and medium duty cutting operations for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 32 has advantages at both ends of the thermal spectrum: it has a lower pour point, so it dispenses in cold environments, yet it produces excellent film strength in hot-running machinery.

Accurate Cutting Oil 3600

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Accurate Cutting Oil 3600 extra high performance neat cutting oils are formulated to prevent the formation of oil mist in the vicinity of the machine tool, thus contributing to a safer and more pleasant working environment. This formulation approach yields superb performance in a wide range of applications, while providing the environmental and disposal benefit of being chlorine-free.

Accurate Cutting Oil 46

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Accurate Cutting Oil 46 straight cutting oil was developed for heavy duty machining and cutting tasks. 46 is also an excellent machine tool lubricant and can, for some applications, be used as hydraulic fluid. It has a chlorine-free additive package, and won’t stain ferrous or nonferrous metal.

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