Oil Filtration Systems

Oil Filtration Systems by Accurate Lubricants remove contaminants down to 1 micron,—30 times smaller than a human hair— keeping your fluids contaminant-free and nearly maintenance free.

Why Filter Your Oil?

Contamination occurs each time a ram extends and retracts or an airborne particulate lands on your cylinder. As debris accumulates, it can stick or bind to valves – particularly servo valves. Vane pumps and piston pumps also have elevated sensitivity to contamination.

This contamination interferes with why you use oil in the first place.

Contamination prevents oil from:

An Oil Filtration System Made Specifically for Modern Manufacturing

Accurate Lubricants applies lean manufacturing philosophies to oil filtration. Our flow-through oil filtration systems were engineered specifically for manufacturing fluids. They can filter nearly all commercial lubricants and manufacturing fluids on the market today.

They are also portable, making it easy to move between equipment and departments.

Removes More Contaminants Than Conventional Solutions

The secret to our oil filtration systems is their deep media filtration. Unlike most oil filtration systems that use conventional surface media filters, our oil filtration systems contain multi-element filters. These unique filters retain a large volume of contaminants without blinding, and without compromise of filter performance.

Contaminated oil is routed from the top and bottom of the filter element, through the media, to the collector, to the center tube, and out the canister. As oil moves through the media, pressure is reduced, while the exterior pressure of the element remains constant. Larger particles are captured at the top and smaller particles are retained in the lower portion of the filter. Oil flow travels through the layers of the elements and into the oil return tube of the filter housing.

Try Oil Filtration Today with Our Cost-Effective Rental Program

Uncomfortable purchasing a full oil filtration system when you haven't used one before? Not to worry. You can try one out or use one only as needed with our cost-effective rental program.

We'll bring the best-available fluid filtration technology to your facility, for use by the day or week. We'll set it up for you, and show your maintenance people how to get the best benefit and savings from the system.