Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis by Accurate Lubricants maximizes oil service life and extend drain intervals.

Quality Oil Can Last Up to 20 Years, Why Isn't Yours?

Depending on the application, quality oil can last between three and 20 years. Our oil analysis helps you reach the maximum life of your oil based on specifications from leading equipment manufacturers.

Drain Intervals Based on Science, Not Calendars

Our Oil Analysis aids your lube managers in monitoring the condition of oil—whether conventional, semi-synthetic or synthetic—that is in service, and schedule replenishments or change-outs based on when it actually erodes and loses quality. Oil analysis keeps mission-critical equipment in service, and at peak operating efficiency, while avoiding under- and over-servicing. It can dramatically reduce the risk of system failures, equipment burnouts, and unscheduled maintenance events.

Performed by Certified Lubrication Specialists

Oil Analysis is performed by a CLS – Certified Lubrication Specialist. Our CLS and highly qualified team of lubricant technicians will provide you with a comprehensive oil analysis that identifies anomalies and trends before they cause downtime, and show specific, practical ways you can get more performance out of every lube you buy – and every dollar you spend.

Reduce Total Annual Lubricant Costs by Up to 10%

Customers of our Oil Analysis program have recouped, on average, 7% to 10% of total annual lubricant costs. They've also successfully:

An Oil Analysis can also:

Your personalized Oil Analysis will include recommendations and a detailed review of all lubricant samples.

Our Oil Analysis is performed throughout Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky, and does not create equipment downtime or interruption of production.