Waylube Way Oils Products

Keep slides ways and machine tools lasting longer.

Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 150

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Premium Way Oil ISO 150 protects machine tools, extends tool life and develops an exceptional surface finish. It is compatible with aqueous metalworking fluids. 150 provides exceptional frictional properties for steel on steel and steel on plastic, with minimal chatter. Its ability to reduce stick-slip results in smooth motion and increased machine accuracy.

Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 220

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Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 220 has properties similar to our Way Oil 150. Its unique formula separates from aqueous coolants and minimizes corrosion on lubricated parts caused by higher pH coolants. It offers good adhesion properties and long term protection from corrosion and rust. 220 is highly recommended for larger machine tools doing precision work with high way pressures.

Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 32

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Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 32 has properties similar to our Way Oil 150 and 220. This premium slide way lubricant provides excellent lubricity and load-carrying capability. Its easy separability from aqueous coolants minimizes any negative effects from cross contamination, so the productive life of coolants and lubricants is enhanced.

Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 68

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Accurate Premium Way Oil ISO 68 has properties similar to other products in our Accurate Way Oil series. It is recommended when cast iron, steel and non-metal way materials are used in combination. It is applied by hand, forced feed lubricator or by flood in a circulating system. Accurate Way Oil 68’s mild EP properties overcome the stick-slip of slower moving parts, while contributing anti-wear and rust-preventative advantages. Coolant-rejecting characteristics let it separate readily from water-based coolants and be easily removed by skimmer or centrifuge.

Accurate Way Lube 68

Accurate Way Lube 68 provides slide way lubrication of grinders, planers, boring machines and other machine tools. It was developed specifically to overcome the slip-stick issue that’s common with slow moving parts. Accurate Way Lube 68 has moderate EP anti-wear and rust-prevention properties and minimizes wear on equipment and tools. Its coolant rejecting properties let it readily separate from aqueous coolants for easy removal by centrifuge or skimmer.

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