Spindle Oils Products

Minimize oxidation, rust, and corrosion in high-speed machine tool spindles.

Accurate Spindle Oil ISO 10

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Accurate Spindle Oil 10 was designed to minimize oxidation, and protect from corrosion and rust. This unique formula is based on lower viscosity base oils and resists foaming and the formation of an emulsion. It readily separates from water, and facilitates easy removal of moisture from lubrication areas. It is often specified for applications in hydraulics and circulating systems, and is ideally suited for machine tool operations that involve high speeds and fine clearances.

Accurate Spindle Oil ISO 15

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Accurate Spindle Oil 15 was developed to lubricate close-tolerance bearings, and is also ideal for lathes, and grinding systems. This spindle and air tool lubricant is manufactured from highest quality base oils that provide reliable long-term protection from corrosion and rust, and resist oxidation. Spindle Oil 15 is low foaming, and readily separates from water.

Accurate Spindle Oil ISO 2

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Accurate Spindle Oil 2 functions as a low pressure hydraulic and circulating oil as well as a spindle oil, which can streamline inventory management for many companies. It is a popular product for “zero clearance” spindle bearings that operate with very close clearances, and for EDMs, where its inherent low viscosity makes it ideal for system flushing.

Accurate Spindle Oil ISO 22

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Accurate Spindle Oil 22 offers good oxidation resistance, excellent protection from corrosion and rust, and good water separability. It’s an excellent choice for hydraulic equipment that doesn’t require an oil with anti-wear properties.

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